Library and Resources at Loydence Academy

Fostering a Love for Reading and Learning

Loydence Academy Library is a gateway to a world of information, imagination, and inspiration. With a vast collection of over 3,000 books in both Arabic and English, our library is designed to support the curriculum, spark curiosity, and promote a lifelong love for reading among students.

Our Collection

Our library boasts an extensive range of materials:

1. Fiction Books

Explore classic literature, contemporary stories, and everything in between.

2. Non-Fiction Books

Dive into subjects like science, history, geography, and art with our comprehensive selection.

3. Reference Materials

Students have access to dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and other reference books for research and project work.

4. Multilingual Resources

Embracing our diverse community, we offer resources in both Arabic and English to cater to our students’ needs and interests.

Online Library with Bug Club

Understanding the importance of digital resources in today’s learning environment, Loydence Academy provides full access to an online library through Bug Club. Bug Club is a powerful reading service that combines:

1. A Love of Reading

With hundreds of digital books available at their fingertips, students can discover new stories and favourite characters anytime, anywhere.

2. Personalised Learning

Tailored recommendations encourage students to challenge themselves and engage with texts suited to their individual levels and interests.

3. Interactive Features

Quizzes and activities embedded within the books make reading an interactive, rewarding experience.

How to Access Bug Club

  • Families can log in from home using the details provided by the school.
  • Our teachers are prepared to guide both students and parents on how to make the most out of Bug Club’s enriching resources.

White Rose Maths

At Loydence Academy, we are proud to follow the internationally recognized White Rose Maths scheme of work for maths instruction. This innovative approach:

1. Builds Deep Understanding

Centred around mastery, the White Rose scheme develops conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency.

2. Inclusive and Comprehensive

Suitable for a wide range of abilities, lessons are designed to challenge and inspire every learner.

3. Engaging Resources

White Rose Maths provides engaging, high-quality resources that make learning mathematics enjoyable and meaningful.

Supporting Mathematics at Home

We encourage parents to explore White Rose Maths online platforms for additional resources and guidance on supporting their child’s mathematical development outside the school setting.

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About Us

Where Knowledge Knows
No Boundaries: Our Library

Loydence Academy's library stands as a treasure trove, boasting a diverse collection of 3000+ books in both Arabic and English. From literary classics to educational gems, our physical library offers a rich resource for young minds, fostering a love for reading and expanding their knowledge horizons. In addition to our extensive physical collection, Loydence Academy provides a cutting-edge online library accessible from the comfort of students' homes. This digital repository offers a wealth of resources, ensuring continuous learning beyond the classroom, promoting independent research, and encouraging a lifelong passion for reading and exploration.


Library Hub

Organized Assignments

Our platform streamlines the homework process, making it easy for students to manage their assignments.

Our platform streamlines the homework process, making it easy for students to manage their assignments.

Resource Repository

Students can access additional resources to reinforce learning and tackle homework challenges effectively.

Students can access additional resources to reinforce learning and tackle homework challenges effectively.

Why Choose Us?

  • 01.

    Accessible Platform

    Our platform prioritizes accessibility, ensuring students can easily navigate and engage with homework tasks.

  • 02.

    Timely Feedback

    We provide timely feedback to guide students' progress and address any misconceptions or areas for improvement.

  • 03.

    Engagement and Motivation

    We create a dynamic and stimulating environment that encourages students to stay motivated and actively participate in homework assignments.