DOJO Policy

DOJO Background: Class Dojo is a digital classroom management tool designed to help our teachers improve pupil behaviour and communicate more effectively with parents. Each pupil gets an avatar, and teachers award Dojo points for each area of the SHANARRI Wheel aspects, achieving,  being healthy, etc. Teachers can give points throughout the school day. Each pupil’s points can be displayed via a smart board, and parents, via their app, can see these. 

Teachers and senior members of staff can communicate with parents on a 1:1 messaging service or via the class page where general class messages can be shared. 



To establish more effective communication links with parents.To run alongside the current effective house point system in school 

Expectation of staff:

Expectations for children: 

Children are expected to encourage their parents and carers to join the Class Dojo; they should be given the invitations and any update letters when sent out. 

Monitoring of the Policy

It is the responsibility of all members of staff who use Class Dojo to ensure it is used according to this policy. Monitoring of the policy will be carried out by Senior Leaders. SLT monitors Dojo pages at regular intervals to ensure the policy is being adhered to.