Our Curriculum & Academics

At Loydence Academy, our curriculum is designed to provide a rich and varied educational experience, ensuring that every student is equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed. Our academics are structured around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Key Stages of the British curriculum, complemented by essential subjects that reflect our diverse and inclusive community.

Arabic Core Subject

Deepening students' command of Arabic to enhance their communication skills and cultural awareness.

Qatar History

Exploring Qatar's rich history and culture to foster a sense of identity and pride in Qatar heritage.

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  • EYFS

    nurturing their curiosity and development.


    Building foundational skills in literacy and numeracy


    Strengthening academic proficiency and critical thinking

Islamic Studies

Providing insights into Islamic principles and values, contributing to well-rounded moral character.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extend learning beyond the classroom with a variety of clubs and activities designed to develop talents, interests,…

Our SHANARRI Framework

  • Safety

  • Health

  • Achievement

  • Nurturing

  • Active

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

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At Loydence Academy, safety transcends physical well-being. We cultivate a secure and supportive setting where emotional, psychological, and academic safety are paramount. Each classroom, activity, and interaction is designed to ensure that students feel safe to explore, question, and grow.

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Promoting health at Loydence Academy means more than just physical fitness. We integrate mental health and well-being into our curriculum, encouraging healthy lifestyles through balanced nutrition education, physical activity, and mindfulness practices. Our holistic view on health empowers students to achieve their best.

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Achievement at our academy is defined by personal progression and the fulfilment of one's potential. Whether through academic success, creativity, or sports, Loydence Academy sets the stage for every child to realise their accomplishments, celebrating milestones big and small.

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Nurturing at Loydence Academy is about providing a warm, empathetic environment that fosters growth. Our educators act as mentors, guiding students with kindness and understanding, ensuring that each child feels valued and supported in their educational journey.

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Encouraging an active lifestyle is crucial at Loydence Academy. Beyond physical education, we promote active participation in the classroom, in problem-solving, and in community service, instilling a sense of initiative and engagement in our students.

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Respect forms the cornerstone of our community. At Loydence Academy, we teach our students to value diversity, empathise with others, and embrace differences. This respect extends beyond our school to the wider community and the environment.

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Instilling a sense of responsibility in our students is key to their development as global citizens. Loydence Academy encourages learners to take ownership of their actions, their learning, and their environment, fostering a proactive and accountable mindset.

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Upholding Excellence: Our Accredited Journey in Education

At Loydence Academy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to educational excellence, as evidenced by our full licensing and prestigious accreditation.

Licence and MoEHE Accreditation

  • MoEHE Licensed
  • Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) Awarded
  • Adherence to International Standards

Welcome to Loydence Academy. I warmly welcome all students, parents, and educators. Our academy fosters curiosity, nurtures talents, and shapes futures with care. We provide a rich environment where students thrive academically and personally. Honoring our Qatari heritage, we blend traditional values with innovative learning to prepare students for future challenges.

H.H Sheikha Muna Khalifa Hamad Al Thani

Chairperson - Loydence Group

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